Who are we?

Who are we?

Viking Security and Training LTD was formed in 2018. We provide training services in mechanical restraint, handcuffing, and security. This is following a decline in police response and an increase in violent attacks by within the private security sector.

We are here to give you the knowledge and skills required to provide you with additional use of force options. These options are invaluable when dealing with high risk and dangerous situations. These alternatives should help you to avoid the need to resort to greater force tactics such as vascular or prone restraints. These tactics are considered to be dangerous and could potentially lead to criminal charges following injury or death.

Following the recent videos posted on social media of Door Supervisors brawling with customers there is a lot of focus on the use of force. These Door Supervisors have had
licences suspended and some have been charged with assault, affray and violent disorder. The use of restraint equipment quickly removes a persons ability to fight. It also reduces the appearance of violence and is greatly more legally defensible than a full bodied punch or vascular restraint. 

All of our instructors are accredited by NFPS LTD,  the National Federation for Personal Safety, as Use of Restraint Equipment instructors. They also hold BTEC Level 3 qualifications in the Use of Restraint Equipment. In addition, our instructors are
licenced front-line Door Supervisors with operational experience of using mechanical restraints


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